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A Penny for Your Thoughts…

Losing her mom to cancer as a child, five years in a group home, bouncing from one foster home to the next was just another day in the hard life of Patricia ‘Penny’ Hedgewood. After aging out of the system petty crime to survive graduated to ID Theft, kiting checks and-finally-prosecution and a two-year prison bid. That down time was an education. Taught by the masters-her fellow felons-Penny’s manipulation game soared. After trying the straight and narrow ($8/hr flippin’ burgers wasn’t cutting it), it was full steam ahead with her new and improved confidence game. Problem is some of her marks have someone who care-and they aren’t above killing the goose that’s stolen their golden egg. Follow all six, 45-minute-long episodes of “A Penny for your Thoughts” on Roku channel Paddlefoot Productions along with other exciting first run documentaries, episodic series and feature films written, directed, and produced by BIPOC.




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