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An impeccable string of bank heists by Monticello Turquoise and crew ended with the accidental death of Black multi-billionaire software magnate Leonard Silhouette. Ratted out by a junkie crew member, Monty got twelve years hard time thanks to his $1000/hr. lawyer. This didn’t sit well with Leonard’s twin sister, fellow zillionaire and now CEO/sole owner of their worldwide conglomerate, transgress Software INC.

Via the hired help-ex CIA/FBI/NSA sadist Chaka de la Moore-Turquoise’s prison food is drugged (daily), he’s beaten (often) and-finally-framed for the murder of his celly. Fast-tracked to the electric chair, his ingested drugs and sabotaged chair cook him into a three-day coma. Awakening in a Phoenix, AZ flophouse (he was dumped there to die to protect a warden that couldn’t legally kill him again) with nascent powers that defy logic, the first thought in his pain wrecked brain before he lost consciousness again was; “Does Silhouette know?”.

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Crystal Silhouette

The intense, introverted half of Transgress Software-she is the CEO and President while her twin brother-Leonard-is COO and Chairman of the Board. Crystal is the oracle and life force of the world’s third largest software company that their father started out of a back bedroom. Eighteen years after their parents’ horrific death in a multi-car accident on a snow- and ice-covered road, this privately held company is worth more than six hundred billion dollars with Crystal and her brother being billionaires many times over. A woman of few emotions and less friends, she allows her much more gregarious brother to be the public persona of Transgress. He’s the one that chairs a plectra of boards, grants tons of interviews and gives away hundreds of millions of the company’s money to HBCU’s, universities, scholarship funds and STEM programs worldwide.

A philanthropy that was abruptly ended with a fatal bullet to the brain, in their godfather’s bank, after Leonard signed for a one hundred-million-dollar loan Transgress didn’t need.

Blinded by grief and suffocating in a rage she cannot escape while incredulous of her loss, Crystal vows one thing; whomever was responsible for her brother’s murder will travel down a long, hellish and excruciating road before she personally will rip the last spark of life from what is left of their mangled body…

Monticello Turquoise

Monticello “Monty” Turquoise was a career criminal with a well wore library card. This high school graduate’s teen years consisted of crushing mopes in eight-ball, three card Monty scams and selling fake gold jewelry to tourist in downtown Manhattan. After an umpteenth road trip with a friend to yet another Southern college town to fleece drunk trust funded frat boys out of their Daddy’s money, he’d had enough. Returning home to a cramped, roach coach apartment, piles of unpaid bills and his third eviction notice in four years, a lifestyle change was in order. And that epiphany screamed to life in 36-point headlines plastered across the front page of a New York Post he’d fished from the garbage:

“Stackin’ Bags of Money ain’t for the Weak, honey!”

The picture that accompanied this shout out was of three pissed, shackled, thick necked steroid juicers sitting on the sidewalk next to six bank canvas bags of purple dye coated cash from a Chase Bank in Queens. Figuring he could do better, Monticello planned his first heist over a six-week period of couch surfing, sleeping in New York shelters for the homeless and living in abandon railway stations. His first job-out of a credit union in Knox County, Ohio-netted him forty-nine thousand dollars after a four-way split for less than two minutes’ work. Four years (and five million dollars) later, misplaced loyalty (and a bad batch of Ecstasy) would complicate his life…and brief death.

Chaka de la Moore

The living, breathing embodiment of the colloquialism “This bitch is crazy”, Chaka de la Moore (real name Adina Zafeiriou) is the only surviving child of Greek Orthodox Jews that immigrated to the US two years before her birth. A tomboy and sadistic bully throughout her school years (with beauty pageant looks), she dropped out of high school at sixteen to elope with her Jiu Jitsu sensei (who was fourteen years her senior). A year later, she abandoned him in a cold-water flat outside of Mount Vernon, WA when she slipped out for a pack of smokes. She was already across state lines when he noticed-via a purposely left behind ATM receipt-that she had drained his bank account of ten thousand dollars. Bouncing around the mid-west for months, Chaka landed in Texarkana, TX at Texas A&M where she completed-with honors-a double major (Criminal Justice/Forensic Science) in three years by sleeping with her professors. Recruited by the FBI immediately upon graduation, she then got the boot from every alphabet moniker agency within months of moving to DC because she couldn’t take an order without giving lip service. Hanging out her own private security consultant shingle, she’s killed (quietly), robbed (often) and strong-armed (along with her sometimes lover and equally disturbed nutcase partner Oklahoma Pink) rival dope dealers, scumbags and never-do-wells across three continents. Cocky with a dark sense of humor, she collects black belts like some women acquire new shoes (five to date-Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Muay Thai, Krav Maga and Kenpo Karate and growing).


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