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On the conquered side of a thousand-year bloodbath, a fallen angel-Marlia Waysong-is captured, stripped of her powers, and tortured for a hundred years by the winning team before her true punishment begins, banishment to Earth. Trapped in the body of a feeble, diseased homeless woman, she’s traversed the continental USA for hundreds of years living a meager hand to mouth existence in never ending pain.

Her trajectory changed one rainy night in modern day Phoenix, AZ.

Gifted a few dollars from a stranger, she spends her windfall on a sweet roll, cup of coffee and a scratch lottery ticket that-after a few rubs of a fingernail-is now worth $500,000.

A gang of thugs preying on homeless seniors, a savage beating, and a supernatural intervention from an ancient enemy with a questionable “gift”, color what could be the last days of a warrior that refuses to die.

“Denied” is one of the many original feature films you’ll find only on Paddlefoot Productions Roku channel (going live 4Q of 2023) along with first run documentaries and episodic series written, directed, and produced by BIPOC.

Marlia Waysong

On the conquered side of a thousand-year war, a fallen Angel is stripped of her powers, tortured for a century before being banished to Earth to painfully live out eternity as a feeble, homeless panhandler. After almost a millennia of pain and suffering (and a nearly fatal beating/robbery by a gang of thugs), the demon that cursed her gives her a final task that might free-or finally-kill her.

General Ismoth

A shapeshifting general on the winning side of a celestial war of the Gods, the demon general named Ismoth gleefully kills or banishes to Earth all that have opposed his armies over the last millennia after stripping them of their powers. All save for one-Marlia Waysong-have long since perished. No longer entertained by her suffering, Ismoth facilitates one last quest for her in hopes that it kills her.

Peter Kojak

The poster boy of a violent criminal you’d never want to meet, Peter Kojak’s home for the last two plus decades has been in most of the State of Arizona’s maximum-security prisons. His latest occupation with his degenerate crew of followers is assaulting and robbing elderly homeless people of their meager belongings along skid row-especially those with Social Security/pension income. Unfortunately (for Kojak and his crew), their last caper has brought to their doorstep an evil and terror that will far surpass anything they’ve ever imagined.


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