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Her innocence’s stolen by her abuser father, young Laura Gaye cries, struggles and finally frees herself by going away to university. Years pass before she’s mentally tough enough for a confrontation. But, before that happens, Laura’s father murders her mother and-police on his doorstep-kills himself. Crushing guilt sends Laura into a three year downward spiral of shrinks, alcohol, and mind shredding nightmares. Mentally devastated, she’s hours from committing suicide when she stumbles into a robbery turn rape of a young woman. Laura’s tenuous hold on sanity dissolves as she slays both men-and is rejuvenated by the slaughter. As her lethal brand of justice grows unchecked, she faces one drawback she never saw coming-the girl whose life she saved.

Follow all eight, hour long episodes of the first season of “MirrorMan” on Roku channel Paddlefoot Productions (going live 4Q 2023) along with other exciting first run documentaries, episodic series and feature films written, directed, and produced by BIPOC.

Laura Gaye

Perpetual prey turned exterminator, Laura Gaye’s young life was ruined by the early years of abuse by her pedophile father, laying the foundation for an introverted survivor, national class athlete in high school (track) and–finally-freedom of him when she escapes to university.

Her healing period was brief.

Self-medicating with booze, martial arts classes, and weight training on her way to a stop-gap career in social work, Laura’s finally-three years graduated from university-ready to confront her father. That meeting never comes as he-in a fit of rage-kills her mother then himself with cops at his door.

Her façade of redemption gone; Laura decays her way to a final submission-suicide. She’s drunk out of her mind when the universe throws her a bone that extinguishes two lives and empowering her beyond belief but at a terrible cost…

Twinkle Marigold

Barely an adult herself, Twinkle Marigold’s childhood fantasy was the love of a good man, a bouncing baby boy and a two story, picket fenced home near a babbling, crystal clear brook.

Today’s update; ain’t no serenading waters flowing through the likes of South Tucson, Arizona.

A dead junker, sick and screaming baby girl and a piece of work husband (who’s now arguing with the Highway Patrol officer who stopped to help) welcomed the Marigold family to the Grand Canyon State. Keeping her husband out of jail, she was awarded a smackdown before he abandoned her and his child.

Fast forward fourteen months; Twinkle’s living with grandma in a one-bedroom walkup, working two fast food jobs, and hoping, praying, DYING for a way out.

She’s about to receive FAR more then that…

Eric Marigold

Handy with power tools, the ladies and faking on the job injuries, Eric Marigold is a gifted carpenter with narcissistic tendencies. A three-time married felon (who’s just abandoned his third wife and toddler daughter in a fleabag hotel), he’s now available for wife number four. Thumbing a ride to Los Angeles for another new beginning, Eric’s concerns are his limited funds, and can he escape Arizona before wife number three sic’s the cops on him for smacking her around before he left (her one good shot to the groin still hurts). As a sixteen-wheeler honks its horn, pulling into the breakdown lane, Eric gingerly increases his gimp with an angry thought-when next he sees Twinkle, she was gonna pay…

Will ‘Lobo’ Cray

A fulltime loser and part-time bouncer, Billy ‘Lobo’ Cray is a man of few scruples in desperate need of a winning lottery ticket. Ping ponging between bad judgement, unemployment, and anger management classes, this is someone that survives on the bluster of a man that thinks he’s got the entire world fooled. Unfortunately, the biggest half-wit in whatever room he occupies is usually him. Residing in the shallow end of the swamp, Billy is always-if you ask him-one step away from then next big thing. Barely keeping afloat, he’s always on the lookout for life’s next great opportunity (or something of value in the back seat of an unlocked car.) Now stacking boxes of overpriced booze into a raggedy delivery truck-and eyeing a couple for later-Billy’s hot on the case as he races to the bottom…and is about to bounce WAY higher than he’s ever dreamed…

Bobby Matters

Paraplegic, Vietnam-era Bronze Star recipient and ex-Delta Force commando gone bad (six years upstate for stalking and killing his ex-wife’s new husband), Bobby Matters came into a stack of money and the title to a small liquor distributer in Phoenix, Arizona, via-accidentally-running over the previous warehouse manager (on orders from a midlevel gangster he befriended in prison). Flush with cash for the first-time in decades, Bobby’s marchin’ orders from his new employer were pretty straight forward; hire whatever bums he needs to keep the warehouse profitable, keep the skim to a minimum and make damn sure the trucks are full and delivering…how hard can that be?


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