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Life is a sour lump taken root in wannabe novelist Delton Ross’ throat. Fighting through the rundown monotony of dreams deferred and hopes dashed, Delton grinds his way through an existence mired down by a useless university degree (and the $100k plus student loan debt that came with it), too much work at dual dead-end jobs and his father’s failing health. The darkness engulfing him clears briefly with a visit from an out-of-state friend and a gifted night on the town. It’s in this respite a germ of an idea too stubborn to die becomes the frayed (and highly illegal) end of the rope that Delton lunges for.

Follow all eight, 45-minute-long episodes of the first season of “Mollennial$” on Roku channel Paddlefoot Productions (going live 4Q 2023) along with other exciting first run documentaries, episodic series and feature films written, directed, and produced by BIPOC.




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